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The Atlantic Coastal Forest of Brazil is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, with diverse species that are found only in this geographic area and devastating rates of deforestation. Less than 5% of the original forest remains.

NYBG is currently saving 1,038 plant species and about 73 square miles of forest—roughly the size of the District of Columbia—in the Una Biological Reserve and adjacent Una Ecopark in the State of Bahia, Brazil.

Do you know?

Many Americans do not have firsthand connections with plants as a source of food. In the underserved neighborhoods surrounding NYBG, 25% of children and adults are considered obese, and less than 50% of children consume even two daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

NYBG is responding to this crisis by providing life-changing opportunities through hands-on gardening and nutrition programs in a variety of accessible and innovative educational facilities that serve more than 300,000 visitors, 90,000 schoolchildren, and 3,100 teachers annually.

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